University Admissions

Oxbridge admissions

Applying to Oxbridge is viewed as one of the most competitive and intimidating admissions processes in the world – take it from someone who has been through it twice. However, just a couple of sessions can be enough to demystify the whole process, and allow you to walk into the interview feeling genuinely confident and prepared.

There is so much misinformation about how Oxbridge admissions works, largely stemming from schools, advice from students who attended either university over 30 years ago, or online forums and websites. That’s why MH Tuition has had so much success in supporting students win places at Oxford and Cambridge over the past few years: I’ve been through the process recently, continued to support the admissions process while studying at the University of Cambridge, and have worked for the University of Cambridge at admissions fairs, access events, and open days. I understand the institutions, their intricacies and oddities, and – fundamentally – what they are looking for in prospective students.

In 2017/18 I worked with 13 students, all applying for a range of subjects at Oxford and Cambridge. 12 of them won places, and the 13th student is reapplying next year.

Some companies charge hundreds of pounds for weeks’, and sometimes months’, worth of tuition. Personally, I think this is not only unnecessary, but also sometimes actively counterproductive. Instead, I suggest no more than three sessions with me (including personal statement and interview support) – with most students only needing one or two hours in total.

I can help across subject areas, pulling in recent top graduates from both universities to help on specific subject-based support. Predominantly using Skype and online lessons, I am able to connect prospective students with some of the best, recent graduates from both Oxford and Cambridge in their subject areas.

I, personally, support students applying for English Literature (at both universities) and the Education course at Cambridge. I also work with non-native English speakers (from all subjects) who need extra support with the application and interview process from a language perspective. See the page on EFL tuition for more information.

Whether you are an international or domestic student, MH Tuition’s Oxbridge tuition service has proved to be both effective and efficient for prospective applicants.

Discounted Oxbridge tuition is available for students from a low-income background, in order to support the access work being done by both universities. This service is limited and extremely popular, so get in touch as soon as you can.

UK universities (UCAS)

The UK has an incredible range of higher education institutions, which extend beyond just Oxbridge. Whether you are an international or domestic student, MH Tuition offers a range of services which clients around the world have found useful at all stages of applying to UK universities. Currently on offer:

  • University and course selection
  • Personal statement support and feedback (all subjects)
  • UCAS support and guidance
  • Interview preparation (all subjects)

Where subject specialisms are outside of my own, I rely on my bank of incredible specialist tutors, all of whom are recent graduates from top universities.

Ivy League & American universities

Arguably one of the most difficult application processes to navigate, the US higher education admissions system is incredibly complicated and intricate. Again, take it from someone who had to go through it unaided. For non-US students, the requirements and processes needed can feel quite daunting. However, the process can be incredibly worthwhile – in 2013 I gained admission to Princeton University – then the top university in the USA.

If you need help with the admissions process for the USA, then look no further. I am familiar with everything from the selection of a college, to financial matters, to personal essays, to immigration forms, to the SATs and where to take them abroad.

I have also worked with a number of US students, who needed extra support finessing their personal essays and application materials, which is a service I have continued to offer each year.