Below are a selection of testimonials given by parents and students. If you are a current client, and would like to add your thoughts, please get in touch: marthe@mhtuition.co.uk

“Without Marthe our son would never have won places at Eton and Westminster. She built his confidence up from nothing and he now reads for pleasure, which we never thought we’d see! Marthe kept his lessons fun and friendly, allowing him to relax and stop panicking so much. She also kept us regularly updated on his progress and was a delight to work with.”

–  Jennifer M

(Parent: English tuition for independent school admissions)

“I used to be too embarrassed to speak English outside of lessons, but not anymore. Marthe made me feel good about my speaking ability and she helped me get a 7 on the IELTS test!”

Debbie H –

(Student: EFL & IELTS tuition)

“Marthe knows her stuff! She’s incredibly intelligent, but at the same time really personable and down to earth: the perfect combo! Most importantly, she is really great fun, both our kids love her lessons.”

–  Kate O

(Parent: English, History, Spanish tuition for GCSE & KS3)

“I was quite unsure about online tuition, but we were really struggling to find anyone suitable near us. We are so lucky to have found Marthe, she is great with our youngest and keeps him engaged throughout the lessons, and makes learning genuinely fun and interesting. Our other daughter started doing occasional one-off lessons, but she loved Marthe so much we upped it to weekly!”

Anthony T –

(Parent: English Literature & Language tuition for KS3 & GCSE)

“My daughter went from bottom set English in year 10 to top of the top set in year 11. She got an A* in both English GCSE exams, having only been predicted an A and a B: her school couldn’t believe it!”

–  Colin B

(Parent: English GCSE tuition)

“Marthe teaches both our kids and they just adore her. Our daughter thinks she is just the best, and I am always delighted to hear how much laughter and chatting goes on during their lessons. You worry as a parent that private tuition is too pushy, but Marthe genuinely makes it fun for her students while also really getting results “

George L –

(Parent: English and History tuition for KS3 and GCSE )

“Marthe helped me get into all my top choices for 6th form. It was hard for me to prepare as an international student but she made it all much easier. I like her lessons a lot.”

–  Max W

(Student: admissions support for independent schools & EFL tuition)

“I was so scared about applying to Cambridge, as I didn’t know anyone who had gone before. She did lots of interview practice with me and also helped me understand the process and the university much better. She’s really funny and made it all seem much less intimidating.”

Rose R –

(Student: Oxbridge Admissions support)

“Our daughter used to hate English and we hired Marthe to help her on an ad hoc basis to get through her GCSEs. Marthe did too good of a job and our daughter decided to take A Level English too! Thankfully Marthe has been there whenever we have needed her for any extra support.”

–  Sarah P

(Parent: English Literature tuition for GCSE & A Level)

“I needed really specific help with my degree in sociology and Marthe was the best! She did a week-long crash course every evening online with me, and I felt so much better going into my exams.”

Hannah C –

(Student: Sociology undergraduate tuition)