School Admissions

Many students, both British and International, need some extra support to win a place at their first choice of school. With demand for places soaring, particularly for schools in London and the South East, it is no wonder that the majority of students are tutored in preparation for the many admissions tests, interviews, Common Entrance and scholarship papers they have to sit. The average ratio of places to applicants across independent schools in London and the South East is 1:8, with that figure being significantly higher for elite schools such as Eton, Westminster, St Paul’s, and so on.

For a lot of students their weakness is English. Many struggle with answering comprehension questions in the manner demanded by the increasingly difficult question papers, while others find the descriptive writing sections immensely challenging. Not every school uses the ISEB Common Entrance papers, with many now opting for their own papers instead or as an additional stage in the admissions process. I’ve worked with countless students to prepare for these exams, so they go in feeling confident in their ability, familiar with the rigour of the questions, and able to tackle unfamiliar language with ease.

My offer

I have worked with parents and students throughout the admissions process, from advice on school selection, to last minute interview preparation sessions for both parents and children. I support families through every step of the journey, and am about to start working with a new consultancy specialising in independent school placements (see the other services page for more information). I work with students of all ages, whether they are sitting 7+, 11+, 13+, 16+ exams – or anything in between.

I like to work with each student holistically, looking at all the aspects of support they may need, in order to put together a bespoke package.

My specialisms are:

  • Interview preparation
  • All English papers
  • All History papers
  • 16+ Philosophy papers
  • Verbal & non-verbal reasoning

Many of my clients need extra support for other subject areas as well. In order to provide as comprehensive a package as possible, I also regularly work with other specialist tutors in:

  • Languages
  • Science
  • Maths
  • Geography

By opting for a comprehensive, bespoke package for admissions tuition through MH Tuition, you get the convenience of booking and paying through one source, rather than juggling multiple tutors across a multitude of platforms.

School selection

I am about to start working with a new consultancy, founded by ex-headteachers and deputy-headteachers from elite British independent schools, who support students and their families (both British and international) to find the perfect school.

More information will be available soon under other services, however if you need support with school selection in the interim, please don’t hesitate to get in contact and I can connect you with this consultancy straight away.